We count down for the New Year 2011 and I can’t help thinking back that this was quite a year, 2010.

I remember, January, there was a lot of snow.

I know one there was plenty of Tae Kwon Do classes early on in the year.. I had an awesome birthday party in March for myself and in April one for my daughter.

I had earned my greenbelt.

I was talking to one of my Tae Kwon Do mates to create some scripts. We started typing a script.

I also was busy working on my own scripts.

In AUGUST I moved into my new place, which I love!


There was a film competitions called the DC Film Race 2010 ( We secured a location at the dojang where I study Tae Kwon Do. We came up with the film, “The Revenge of the Aspie” about a man with Asperger Syndrome who is being bullied by a martial artist. You can watch it on YouTube at: A few days later, we had a Premiere of our fil along with other short films from Washington, DC. We arrived in the theater sitting at the top row. My family, my friend, Ryan Singletary who I went to middle school with, was there, and one cast member and crew of our film was there. All of the short films were played one after another. Then they showed movies from NYC. Afterward one person from each team was ask to come down and speak in front the audience. Anyhow I manage to bring my mother down there in the front with me. My mother was the Executive Producer of our film. We all were given the mic. I liked the chance to speak to the audience because they are who we make for the films for.

After the premiere we went to the restaurant nearby where we will eat and get the result of which top three film wins an  Audience Award. I went out of the restaurant to get something, which ended up not being there, from the movie theatre. I went back to the restaurant and saw my team: Moviemakers there eating. They told me they already announced the teams: They told me the first place and then the third. I was like just give me the second, thinking that it would be other than us. Nope. It turn out my team was playing with me and they told me that we place SECOND PLACE for the Audience Award. Amazing! With that we were given free wings! After the event, I couldn’t wait to get started on another film project. How long would it be next week, next month in October, November ……When….?


On Thanksgiving, I enjoyed a quiet day at home and later went over to my father’s and had Thanksgiving over there.


On Thursday, Decemeber 9th, I found myself once again on a set to produce my next film, “In My Life Forever”. You can watch on  On Monday, December 13, I submitted the film to the competition. This time, the films were to be uploaded to them and the necessary forms were sent. The song at the end is “Empty Castles” by Boom 88 and Ryan Lucas of Subwoofer Science (

I wrote a blog about my experience producing the film, “In My Life Forever”! Read and leave a comment. Find it by clicking on the following link:

On Wednesday, December 22, I hosted my first episode of my show with guest Comedian and Film Actor, A.D. Garrett. Here take a listen to it:

December 25th, it was time open Christmas present. I opened my one gift. It was from my girlfriend and our daughter. It was a Wonderfile. You may have seen as “As seen on TV” product. For any who likes to keep organized, I will highly recommend. You know people give each other gifts on Christmas, but the best gifts our really the ones you buy for yourself. On Monday I wanted to go look at a new phone. I went to an AT&T store and walked thinking about it. Then I walked back in determine to ask for the IPhone 4, get the necessary accessories I needed, you know my bluetooth, car charger, and be out of there with my new phone. I was so happy because I had a phone where I could be able to do so much like go online, see my films, film something with the HD camera, etc. It seems endless with what one is capable with the phone. Oh yeah did I mention the obvious call and receive calls.

My cousin from LA had visited and I went to see her. We were joined by another cousin. Later we drove out to see another cousin. We had lots of fun being together. That night was when I saw the Robert Rodriguez film “Machete” which I enjoyed.

On Wednesday, December 29, I hosted my second radio show. I had filmmaker, Ian Fischer (, as my guest on my radio show. Here take a listen to it by using the following link:

Listen to internet radio with Nigel Parkinson Jr on Blog Talk Radio

For the NEW YEAR 2011: I look forward to 2011 and to see what other opportunities are ahead for me. I definetely look forward to working with some of the same people I have collaborated with on my films and to network and work with new people. I expect my radio show to do do well and have many episodes along the way, with many guests along the ways. Next week, Wednesday, January 5, I have schedule an actor, Brian StAugust to be on my show.

Everyone have a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!

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Making the Film “In My Life Forever”

The 100 Hours Film Racing Grand Prix 2010 ( began on Thursday, December 9 at 8 pm and ended on Monday, December 13 at 11:59 pm

There was only so much that I was able to do before the start of the film race. I was able to get my cast, crew, location secured, equipment, etc. I ended up renting equipment from a company called Park Triangle Productions (


On Thursday, December 9, we were given our theme: forever and a surprise element: a prop – a photgraph. I recieved the theme and surprise element at 8 pm, I was allowed to write my screenplay, I called on various actors to participate in my film. Two actors that I have worked with before on another film, “The Revenge of the Aspie” (  said they would participate. I got to the location with all the equipement, DV camera (HVX 200), lights (Diva Light included), boom pole, etc. I was waiting for the actors to show up and was wondering how am I going to figure out the talent situation if none of the actors showed up. Well thank goodness that didn’t happen because A.D. Garrett, a funny comedian and actor, showed up. Julian Weaver and I went to go pick him up at the metro. It is always good to have transportation when you need to pick up your cast and crew.

I wrote the screenplay with A.D. Garrett and Julian Weaver. Eventually when Brandi L. Davis (, a very talented actress, showed up to the set, we were ready to make this movie with the two characters, Ron and Lucinda. With some great planning of the schedule and the two actors able to get there scenes right without having too many takes,  we were able to wrap up the film around 6:00 am.


On Saturday afternoon, the editor put a raw cut of the film together. After the raw was available I sent it off to the music composer. The music composer created some music and was to pick it up again on the next day, Sunday.

On Sunday, the editor began to edit the film. I started to communicate back and forth with the music composer, Brian W. Grundstrom (, who created some great underscore for the film. We had to wait for the next day, Monday, when I would receive the rest of the music from the film music composer. Thank goodness for an extra day when you need it.

The next morning on Monday, I woke up to see an e-mail from Ryan Lucas, a co-producer of “Empty Castles” that you hear at the end credits. I liked the song and decided it would work well at the end credits. I returned the equipment to the rental place. I had received the rest of the music from the music composer. Later that evening, the editor finished editing the opening credits and end credits, and placed the rest of music on the film. Eventually the film and the release forms were good to go to submit for the Film Racing Grand Prix 2010 competition!

I submitted my film:

“In My Life Forever” ( on Monday, December 13 for the 100 Hours Film Racing Grand Prix 2010. A few days later I get word that they received my submission.

It is a lot of work to get a film prepared in a time frame of 100 Hours, but it is fun and exciting to go through the experience! For further news and updates of Moviesmakers Productions go to our website,

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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